Get Off the Floor and Start Using Your Core, Part 3

by Ben Cormack |   Date Released : 15 Jul 2010
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Ben Cormack

About the author: Ben Cormack

Ben Cormack is a fellow of applied functional science having studied at the Gray institute under Gary Gray and David Tiberio.

He is located in London, UK, and has been involved with training and conditioning of numerous athletes, including title-winning professional boxers, triathletes and ultra endurance runners.

Ben has helped many people in chronic pain and also through the rehabilitation process from sports injury back to competition level.

Ben is a regular PTontheNet author. He has also recently started running a seminar series in the UK based on his training techniques, experiences and the science behind them.

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Comments (3)

Izaguirre, Joshua | 23 Sep 2010, 16:01 PM

Great article, it really broadens the knowledge I have now on treating LBP. Thanks for posting Ben, its really going to help me to find other options on preventing/treating LBP.

Wills, Lesley | 28 Jul 2010, 09:07 AM

Great article. It's good to have the back up research to refer too when talking about LBP and 3D movement in training and this article puts a lot of it on one page. Once again thanks

Kerrigan, Michael | 21 Jul 2010, 06:50 AM

Great Article Ben, I am a fan of complexity. After all, our bodies are smarter than we would like to think. You have now given me loads of information & possibilities when dealing with a client with "lower back pain" as movement through the chain will be priority rather than individual isolated muscles.

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