Fitness Marketing & The Tribal Brain Hypothesis

by Marcel Daane |   Date Released : 28 Jun 2011
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Marcel Daane

About the author: Marcel Daane

In short, Marcel’s passion lies in the realm of maximizing cognitive and physical performance by using an integrated combination of Neuroscience, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. His Post Graduate work in Neuroscience coupled with undergraduate degrees in Complementary Medicine and Applied Nutrition and professional qualifications as an ACE “Gold Standard” Advanced Fitness Specialist and NSCA Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist, in combination with over 15 years experience in cognitive performance coaching, rehabilitation, and strength conditioning, have enabled Marcel to developed a unique, integrated model, of coaching that is highly sought after in the sports, fitness and corporate arenas.

Marcel owns numerous successful businesses in Asia, such as SPEED-Institute, Singapore’s largest sports performance center, The Body-Brain Performance Institute (Singapore), specializing in corporate performance enhancement, and Marcel-Fit Education and Training through which he authors and runs movement based fitness education courses for fitness professionals.

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Comments (4)

Sinitiere, Nick | 12 Aug 2011, 20:59 PM

@ Eric: I think in a certain sense you're on the right track. health and vitality isn't as simple as just losing body weight...and the more people I counsel the more apparent it becomes that they have no scientific or logical basis for this other than what's touted on mindnight infomercials, commercials, and their MD's hapring on BMI (which is used primarily as a determinant of whether or not we can make some money off of you. This point is my opinion from working in a hospital setting and can obviously be debated). But in another sense I think you may be a bit off-base, in content and in wording. "I would think" alludes to the fact that you lack persona experience talking to populations about health goals/losing weight. In my experience that is the first thing that comes out of people's mouth, generally. "I want to lose 'x' amount of pounds!". (enter education and science). This is our opporunity to give them a realistic perspective on losing weight and how that effects health, vitality, and wellness. The fact is the large majority of our population is fat and lazy (lazy being opinion. and In my opinion theyre many times synonymous). Nonetheless, I truly appreciate your thoughts and perspective. Cheers.

Gossick, Eric | 14 Jul 2011, 16:55 PM

We push weight-loss as though people want it when I would think most just want a little improvement in their fitness and to feel better at the end of the day. Sell weight loss only once they get started and only once you know they want it....

Sinitiere, Nick | 29 Jun 2011, 21:52 PM

That was like "Pavlov meets Darwin meets Siff"....loved it. Something our industry strongly needs to think more about. Nicely done, sir.

Crandall, Ryan | 29 Jun 2011, 14:02 PM

I enjoyed this Marcel! This is a novel way of speaking about our industry. Love how you tied in a bit of human anthropology into the mix....fascinating stuff and ties in perfectly to what you are saying. Look forward to more from you mate!

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