Does Your Staff Speak Pilates and Yoga?

by Zoey Trap |   Date Released : 11 May 2017
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Zoey Trap

About the author: Zoey Trap

Zoey Trap, MS, Peak Program Director

Zoey Trap has an MS in exercise science with a research focus on alternative therapy and the spine. A popular worldwide presenter, her workshops reflect a commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends and research in mind-body. Zoey is a mentor who helps instructors bridge the gap between theory and practical application with knowledge, creativity and confidence. Zoey leads the Peak Pilates Master Instructor team, training and mentoring MI’s. She is the co-author of the Peak Pilates Instructor Education programs and Team Leader, the designer of the Peak coaching system, and co-owns Pilates Solutions. She has studied extensively with Mary Bowen and Lolita San Miguel and has been featured in multiple DVDs and on Pilates Anytime. Zoey has over 500 hours of Yoga instructor training and is a certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor.

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