Designing and Teaching Effective Interval Formats

by Jodi Sussner |   Date Released : 21 May 2013
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Jodi Sussner

About the author: Jodi Sussner

Jodi Sussner brings nearly 20 years of experience, a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology, and contagious energy to her group fitness and Pilates classes. As a Master Trainer for Peak Pilates, MVe and Bodyblade, she provides continuing education and certification courses to students nationwide. Jodi can also be found presenting her latest workshops for ECA, EMPOWER, and CanFitPro. She is currently the Director of Personal Training and Programming for Snap Fitness World Headquarters and recently developed a new boot camp brand for them called Kosama Fitness. Competitive by nature, she enjoys training for and competing in Olympic Distance Triathlons. Jodi resides in Minnesota with her husband and 2 young boys.

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