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by PTontheNet Education |   Date Released : 01 Jan 2015
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PTontheNet Education

About the author: PTontheNet Education

As the world’s largest and most comprehensive continuing fitness education resource, PTontheNet is the first and final stop on your fitness education journey! We offer over 3,000 articles written by a host of internationally acclaimed authors; the world’s largest online Exercise & Flexibility Library; leading edge assessment tools and program design technology; audio clinics and live workshops with top industry presenters; DVD and video courses; cutting edge web design; functional product discounts; CECs with every major certification body; and much, much more!

Personal Training on the Net (PTontheNet) is the ultimate online fitness educational resource for personal trainers. Membership includes use of our comprehensive exercise library and program design templates as well as access to thousands of articles, videos, weekly blogs, and assessment tools for health fitness professionals. Members also enjoy access to free personal training CEC exams, research from the leading innovators in the industry, and a community forum where questions are answered by peers and fitness industry experts.

PTontheNet’s mission is to inspire, educate and unite all personal trainers and fitness professionals by providing great information from every fitness school of thought.

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