What's in a Shoe? Choosing the Right Weightlifting Footwear

by Harvey Newton |   Date Released : 15 May 2012
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Harvey Newton

About the author: Harvey Newton

Harvey Newton regularly holds workshops and seminars on explosive lifting. He is the author of the book and DVD, Explosive Lifting for Sports, along with many other products. Harvey is a former national and Olympic coach for USA Weightlifting and was executive director and editor of the NSCA’s Strength & Conditioning Journal. <br><br>

Harvey is the owner of Newton Sports in Florida, where he continues to offer solid, easy-to-understand information on safe and proper resistance training and technique.

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Comments (2)

Newton, Harvey | 16 May 2012, 12:03 PM


Thanks, and great question! Yes, I think the use of weightlifting shoes can be beneficial in the gym, regardless of the exercise(s) involved. Overall support and stability are generally enhanced with such shoes. Depending on one's budget, reasonably priced weightlifting shoes do exist.


Merriweather, Valerie | 16 May 2012, 02:03 AM

Great article and very professionally done! Do you recommend weightlifting shoes for people who don't performing power moves like the snatch and clean-and-jerk? In other words would your "average Joe" benefit from these types of shoes in a general strength training program?

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