Cardio Circuit Training for Weight Loss

by Paul Robbins |   Date Released : 10 Oct 2011
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Paul Robbins

About the author: Paul Robbins

After graduating from Cortland State with a degree in Physical Education (concentration in exercise science), Paul Robbins moved to Vermont where he purchased a Gold’s Gym to own and manage. Within three years, Paul opened a second club while also coaching high school football and developing fitness software.

In 1994, Paul moved to Arizona to teach weight training and weight management CEC courses for ACE and ACSM. He was soon hired by The Q Sports Club and became the Area Director of Fitness for their west coast clubs. At this time, Paul began to develop cardiovascular programs using the first portable metabolic analyzer, also used by NASA in their shuttles. Paul became a Metabolic Specialist by working with the world’s largest metabolic companies: SensorMedics, Cortex of Germany, Aerosport, Korr Medical and MedicalGraphics.

Currently, Paul is the Metabolic Specialist for Athletes' Performance Education in Tempe, Arizona, which includes research development with three major universities. He is also the president and owner of Cardio2Tech, which is a metabolic education, training and installation company.

Paul is a continuing education provider for NASM, ACE, ACSM, NSCA and AFAA as well as a national presenter for MicroMed, Woodway Performance Treadmills and NASM. He wrote the Cardio Specialist course for NASM and CrossTraining Course for Spinning. Paul has presented at ACSM, WSSC and regional IHRSA shows and has published articles for Shape, Fitness Management, NASM and PTontheNet as well as research journals.

Some of his metabolic clients include Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, The Miami Heat, Phoenix Coyotes, LA Kings, Major League baseball players, NFL, Professional Soccer, tennis players, elite tri-athlete clubs and hundreds of health clubs throughout the country.

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Comments (1)

Sinitiere, Nick | 25 Oct 2011, 16:38 PM

Paul, I enjoyed your article and think you made some rather solid and valid points, however you also chose to falsely use a word quite a bit throughout the article. 'Intensity' is a quantitative measurement of the load being moved in relation to a 1RM (or estimate of) for that particular movement. 'Intensity' and 'volume' are NOT interchangeable by definition. You should call it something like "High Volume Training" as opposed to "High Intensity Training". The science and research you chose to use to make your points is solid. I want to clarify that I'm not intending to say that you're inherently wrong in your message and points. In fact I think it is scientifically, and clinically sound. BUT...we need to evolve away from this "cardio" approach ('cardio' vs. 'strength training'). I can understand for simplicity of explanation to a client, talking about Human function in terms of 'cardio & strength'. However, it seems your article was geared toward "fitness professionals", thus these concepts should be delivered and package a bit more concise and scientific as opposed to lay-man diction and explanation. The fact is the body moves and sustains movement via Energy system mechanisms and various muscle fiber types...there is actual continuity in this function and a 'cardio vs. strength' mindset does NOTHING to interface these two. If I'm way off base, I'm humble enough to accept that and would encourage you to provide any additional feedback you want to. Again, I truly am not intending to poke holes in your logic and claims, there are no holes to poke. But we have GOT to evolve past this elementary logical approach. Cheers.

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