Body Pump Classes

by Chere A Schoffstall |   Date Released : 24 Oct 2002
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Chere A Schoffstall

About the author: Chere A Schoffstall

Chere has a bachelor's degree in English Literature and holds 2 certifications with NASM: CPT, PES. She spent two years as a trainer fit pro at 24 Hour Fitness before joining the NASM team. She is the newest addition to the NASM education team.

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Wood, Matt | 23 Feb 2010, 02:36 AM

Great response. If one programme can get 7 million people moving a week then bring it on!!! Lets face it, we are fast becoming a heavily obese world and if we all moved more then we could cut this global epidemic, reduce health costs and be a happier and healthier world.

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