Body Mass Index: Do We Need It?

by John Searle |   Date Released : 31 Jan 2012
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John Searle

About the author: John Searle

Dr. John Searle is the first chief medical officer of the Fitness Industry Association. He is a former consultant anesthetist and director of intensive care at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, before training to become a personal trainer. John was awarded an OBE in 1998.

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Comments (3)

Searle, John | 08 Feb 2012, 18:32 PM

Thank you, Kevin. I think if you use the imperial measurements - lbs, feet/inches, you will get a figure but the fact is the units used to calculate BMI are metric. The conversion is easy. 1kg = 2.2il and - 1inch =2cm

Flynn, Kevin | 07 Feb 2012, 22:11 PM

I have a question which has likely been answered on this site in the past. Butttttt; with BMI is there a calculation for weight as in pounds and height as in feet/inches?

thank you,

Great article

Laser, Bill | 07 Feb 2012, 20:23 PM

In my own considered experience the BMI can be very confusing
and somewhat bogus?For example it would give a bodybuilder with
very little fat% as being obese?not taking into account the fat
content of the body,BMI is really not the be all and end all in terms
establishing heathy bodyweight,I am afraid one size does not fit all?

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