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Body Leverage Training: No Equipment, No Problem

by Mike Bracko |   Date Released : 02 Jun 2014
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Mike Bracko

About the author: Mike Bracko

Mike Bracko, EdD, is the director of Dr. Bracko’s Fitness and the Hockey Institute, and is a fitness educator, hockey skating coach, writer, and back injury prevention expert. Mike holds a doctoral degree in exercise science. He works with hockey players, industrial workers, and fitness professionals to improve performance and prevent injury. Mike is the author of 28 DVD’s and CD’s ranging in topics from Body Leverage Training, Ultimate Back Exercises, Lateral Training, Back Injury Prevention, and Safe Lifting.

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Comments (4)

Bracko, Mike | 10 Sep 2018, 16:47 PM

Philip Search and Charles Chan,
Thank you for your kind words about my article.
Mike Bracko

Klimczak, Maryanne | 10 Sep 2018, 12:02 PM

I would have liked to see more pictures of these exercises. It would help a bit more especially when not having another body to work with while attempting these moves. Thank you.

Chan, Charles C Y | 22 Nov 2015, 02:14 AM

Excellent read, nice description with easy to understand rationale behind. It's plenty of examples with no equipment . Recommend to all readers.

Search, Philip | 14 Mar 2015, 13:54 PM

Mike, this is a great article. Im going to share it on my facebook and website,
Thanks again!

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