An Introduction to Meditation

by Shirley Archer |   Date Released : 03 Mar 2005
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Shirley Archer

About the author: Shirley Archer

Shirley Archer has over 15 years experience in health and fitness education. She is an international presenter and an award-winning health and fitness author with over 50 publications in IDEA, The Health & Fitness Source publications, American Fitness, Australian Fitness Network Magazine and Strive magazine, among others. She's a health educator and wellness professional at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She has written The EVERYTHING Weight Training Book. As a dedicated Pilates practitioner, she was the first fitness professional to introduce Pilates training to Taiwan. Shirley holds numerous certifications including ACE, AFAA, ACSM, YMCA of the USA and Strong, Stretched & Centered Mind-Body Institute and is a certified massage therapist.

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Comments (1)

Laser, Bill | 20 Jul 2011, 20:04 PM

Meditation is food for the soul. It enables you to gain awareness of the
world beyond this one, it feeds that inner self that is beyond phyiscal
limit. We talk of heathy bodies, but we need heathy spirits aswell.
Here we are in our little third dimension slug bodies, but we can be
butterflies,each life bitter and sweet, but one step nearer to perfection.
So what will we find when we meditate? Peace, discord, the positive or
the negative? Both must exist; you cannot just have positive, e.g a car
battery cannot function with just a postive terminal. Buddha taught
the middle way in all things, if only everybody meditated, but not all are
ready or aware of the need. I believe we are the product of advanced
evolutionary engineering, that plus something else. Proper, real meditation
wil show you and lead you towards your real self.


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