Active Recovery & Flexibility Training with Resistance Bands

by Dave Schmitz |   Date Released : 10 Jul 2015
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Dave Schmitz

About the author: Dave Schmitz

Since 1996, Dave Schmitz has been able to follow his passion of getting people “better with bands” as trainer, national speaker, teacher, coach, fitness enthusiasts and physical therapist. As the founder of Resistance Band Training Systems and the creator of, it has provided Dave the platform needed to share the impact training with flat continuously looped elastic resistance bands can have on improving any element of fitness and performance. Dave’s resistance band expertise and reactive strength training approach has allowed him to teach athletes, fitness clients and physical therapy patients, how to get faster results, regardless if their goal is to get more athletic, lose weight, improve flexibility or recover off injury. As Dave has successful proven 100’s of times over the past 2 decades, training with resistance bands is no longer simply a training alternative but rather a fitness and performance training necessity for success.

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