Yoga for Fertility

by Sue Dumais |   Date Released : 31 Aug 2009
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Sue Dumais

About the author: Sue Dumais

With over 16 years experience, Sue Dumais is a true pioneer in the field of personal training, yoga and mind body therapy. Her career has evolved along with her own life experiences. Through fertility, pregnancy and motherhood, Sue has learned about self care, love, acceptance, trust and community. Recognizing the need for more support for fertility clients all across Canada, Sue has developed a Fitness Fertility Specialist Certification and Yoga for Fertility Instructor training course. The first of its kind in Canada, Sue aspires to offer these courses internationally. She is the author of "A Strong Core for Life" and the "Yoga for Fertility Handbook." Her training as a doula and experience with pre and post natal fitness inspired her to write a Pre and Post Natal Fitness Instructor Certification course as well as several online courses to provide continuing education opportunities for fitness professionals all over the world. Although the instructor training is something Sue believes is a vital part of her business, she is passionate about working with her clients. Her Mind Body Studio in Vancouver is the first in Canada to focus on fertility and pre and post natal health and fitness. The studio offers unique programs including Yoga for Fertility, Transforming your Fertility - Mind Body Program, Yoga Therapy, Energetic Healing and Specialized Personal Training. Sue is fortunate to have many wonderful teachers throughout her career including world renowned physiotherapist, Diane Lee. Together, Sue and Diane have created a Postpartum Diastasis Recti study to help discover more ways to support women through postpartum and beyond. Sue is also beginning a research study to look at how yoga and energetic healing affects stress levels, reproductive health and quality of life for women struggling with fertility challenges.

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