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Weak Knee After Injury

by Chuck Wolf
Date Released : 29 Dec 2008


I am working with a friend to help strengthen his knee. Over a year ago, he fell off of a ladder, but his left leg was entangled in the ladder and his over six feet tall body was hanging upside down. He has had two arthroscopic surgeries. I do not know all of the specifics of how he was injured and what they did in the surgeries (I will be questioning him regarding that), but his left leg is incredibly weak. His quadriceps constantly causes him pain, and it appears his IT band has been overloaded and also causes an incredible amount of pain. A mutual friend works on pressure point massage therapy and remarked that his glutes are also causing problems. My question is how far should I push his knee? His knee doesn't cause him pain, just his muscles. Where exactly should I start? From what I have read, I have to strengthen his glutes, more than likely his adductors, to try and take the attention off of the IT band, but with the quad… that is where I don't know exactly where to start. 


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