Warm-Up Don'ts

by Nick Tumminello |   Date Released : 16 Jul 2008
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Nick Tumminello

About the author: Nick Tumminello

Nick Tumminello is known as the “Trainer of Trainers.” He’s the owner of Performance University, which provides hybrid fitness training for athletes and educational programs for fitness professionals worldwide. As an educator, Nick has presented at international fitness conferences in Iceland, China and Canada. He’s also a regular presenter at events and fitness clubs throughout the U.S. Additionally, Nick has produced 15+ DVDs and regularly teaches mentorships in his hometown of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. As a personal trainer, Nick has worked with a variety of clients from NFL athletes to professional bodybuilders and figure models to exercise enthusiasts from all walks of life. He also served as the conditioning coach for the Ground Control MMA Fight Team. As an author, Nick is a regular contributor to several major fitness magazines including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Muscle Mag, and FIGHT magazine, along with many of the world’s top personal training websites. He has been featured in two New York Times best- selling exercise books, as well as in the ACE Personal Trainer Manual: Fourth edition. Nick also writes a Hybrid Fitness Training blog at NickTumminello.com.

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Comments (5)

Hart, Sharon | 23 May 2012, 02:49 AM

I have never used these exercises in a warm up but have used them in the cool down/stretch phase of a program. Is it recommended that they not be used at all?

Valery, Kyle | 24 May 2011, 19:04 PM

Isn't the concept of a "warm-up" to slowly move through motions that mimic that performed by the athlete? To then allow an explosive version of the movement without recourse. While rotation of the spine is obviously an area of high risk, what sport does not involve movements of all dimensions of the body simultaneously?

Smith, Derek | 24 Sep 2010, 21:20 PM

Awesome article Nick... I am new in the Fitness industry so articles like these are really helpful. Thanks!

casas, jose | 24 Sep 2010, 15:34 PM

Helpful info Nick!!!

Beard, Eric | 30 Apr 2009, 07:47 AM

Nice work Nick!

the pictures were very helpful.

Eric Beard

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