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by Steve Jack |   Date Released : 14 Nov 2008
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Steve Jack

About the author: Steve Jack

Steve Jack is considered an international expert in health and wellness. He has set up PT studios and departments and currently consults to the UK’s leading health spas, implementing holistic health and wellness programs for members. He is a sought after educator in the fitness industry, having presented at numerous international conferences and written for several international publications. He is the founder of PT Mentorship, a Holistic mentoring and certification program for personal trainers.

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Comments (2)

Education, PTontheNet | 09 May 2012, 14:11 PM

Thanks for your question, Jacques.

That should have read "carioca" not "caricona." You'll find examples of the carioca drill in PTontheNet's exercise library, including this one:

Duvenage, Jacques | 09 May 2012, 13:55 PM

Hi Steve. I have search the net but not able to fine a sample of the caricona exercise. Can you please explain how it works?

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