Training Obese Clients

by Adriana Allison |   Date Released : 01 Feb 2006
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Adriana Allison

About the author: Adriana Allison

Adriana Allison has been a personal fitness trainer in Seattle for the past six years. She currently trains out of Seattle’s premier fitness club, The Seattle Athletic Club. In the past year, Adriana has found a dedicated passion for Crossfit exercising because of the high intensity, high output exercise that the Crossfit format promotes. Adriana is the co-creator of and holds her NSCA-CPT, H2H Kettlebell Crossfit Certification, Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Olympic Lifting and Crossfit Basic Barbell certified.

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Simpson, Heather | 29 Aug 2012, 19:58 PM

Great article. I just took on my first morbidly obese client and I am reassured that I know what I am doing by reading this article. I planned on progressing slowly and doing weights down the road. I am training her 3 x a week and have core on everyday. Heavy core on one day and all exercises I will be training her how/why/when etc to use her core for everything. HR monitor is on her and she is slowly getting better at length of time on the bike and elliptical. Excited to take this journey on!

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