Tibialis Anterior Activity During Squats

by Randy Dreger |   Date Released : 22 Apr 2006
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Randy Dreger

About the author: Randy Dreger

Dr. Randy W. Dreger is an instructor in the School of Health Sciences, Personal Fitness Trainer Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. In addition, he has taught and developed a number of courses at the University of Alberta. Randy holds a Doctor of Philosophy and a Master of Science degree in exercise physiology in Occupational/Work Physiology. He is a NSCA CSCS and a Certified Exercise Physiologist with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). Randy’s primary area of study involves the physiological demands of emergency response occupations. He has studied, authored and presented his results to the international scientific community. Additionally, he has trained numerous fire, police and paramedic applicants to meet the associated physical test requirements. In addition to occupational physiology, Randy has worked with hundreds of athletes from the junior to professional level with ice hockey players being his primary clientele. Randy has published scientific papers and lectured extensively on the topic of hockey training and testing methodologies.

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