Thrash Your Abs

by Elliott Hulse |   Date Released : 18 Jun 2008
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Elliott Hulse

About the author: Elliott Hulse

Elliott Hulse, CSCS, coaches strength and speed athletes to get super strong and fast in his "bare bones" training facility in St. Petersburg, Florida. Using the same high intensity programs and techniques that create world class athletes, Elliott has created the first and only TRUE no BS Men's Fitness Boot Camp. This is attended by "Regular Joe's" who are sick and tired of the boring, traditional fitness routines and are hungry for REAL Fitness results for REAL Men.

As an ex-Division 1AA football MVP and currently a competitive Strongman, Elliott uses his "real world" experience and "in the treches" knowledge to support you in unleashing your true strength, speed and fitness potential.

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Comments (4)

Allum, Ray | 12 Jul 2012, 15:47 PM

Three letters...TRX

Wahlstrom, Matthew | 02 Mar 2010, 19:02 PM

Great Article, too many training sessions incorporate (saggital movements only ) for your core. This gives you all 3 planes of motion with upper and lower body movements ..

William Thompson
District manager
Personal Training
Fitness First VA
Nasm-Cpt CES,PES

Donnelly, Liz | 02 Sep 2009, 18:15 PM

In searching for info on "core" work I ran across your article. Elliot, this is excellent! You have given me ideas to incorporate the movements into my Fitcamp classes that exercisers can do with partners and tubes as opposed to the cable machine. (I don't think I'll be able to have them do #4 & #5, but can still integrate the midsection with other exercises.)

Thank you!

Liz Donnelly

Bott, Carmen | 18 Aug 2009, 05:24 AM

The picture of the girl on the right has poor form (Ab Thrash” Movement #4 - Cable Flexion/Rotation)

- she is not hinging at her hips; she is flexing her spine, which is dangerous under load and velocity.

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