The Secrets of Longevity - Part 1

by Paul Taylor |   Date Released : 30 Jun 2007
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Paul Taylor

About the author: Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is an accredited and practicing Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. He is Director of the Personal Training Academy (an Australian company that runs certification courses for Personal Trainers), a University lecturer in Exercise Science and a presenter at the annual Australian Fitness Industry Expo. He is also a radio presenter and corporate speaker, whose expertise and passion involves anything to do with health, fitness and well being, particularly in the areas of longevity, stress and energy management. Paul has a proven track record in leadership, management and dealing in high-pressure situations, through his roles as an Airborne Anti-submarine Warfare Officer and a Helicopter Search-And-Rescue Crew Member with the Royal Navy.

Qualifications: MSc Sports Science; MSc Human Nutrition; BSc Hons; ACSM Certified Health & Fitness Instructor; Cert IV Master Trainer; Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment

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Comments (1)

Sinitiere, Nick | 21 Jul 2011, 14:27 PM

In reality, our lifespan has NOT improved to any significant degree. That is nothing but smoke and mirrors. The accute medical technology to save lives, pharmaceuticals, emergency trauma surgury. These things have "changed the game" when it comes to someone's life being on the line. Those factors in the equations, yes, we have a longer lifespan. But "per capita" so to speak, we only live a handful of years longer than hundreds of years ago, thats it. And that inprovement can pretty much all be chalked up to sanitation improvement. Things are rarely what they seem. Hate to be a buzz-kill, but it is what it is. good article nonetheless. :-)

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