The Neuroscience of Success

by Ruben Gonzalez |   Date Released : 24 Aug 2007
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Ruben Gonzalez

About the author: Ruben Gonzalez

Ruben Gonzalez competed in three Olympics in three different decades. Ruben is an award-winning keynote speaker, the author of The Courage to Succeed and the co-star of the movie Pass It On.

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Comments (3)

KOZMINSKI, CHRISTINE | 13 Jun 2010, 01:49 AM

What a powerful read! Believing is everything.

Laing, Christopher | 17 Sep 2009, 00:32 AM

This is a great article. One thing that has helped me is to deal with deep rooted beliefs about myself and the world which were making success seem harder than it should be. I found that I was taking one step forward, but my subconscious was dragging me 2 steps back. If you find it hard to be positive or to achieve your goals, don't look at purely external factors. Look at your part to play in it as it is far easier to change your perception of the world, rather than changing the world itself.

hamlin, clea | 20 Aug 2009, 01:57 AM

This is an excellent article. Can I suggest that as well as writing the goals down you might try finding an image (from magazines, books, internet) that represents your goal and look at this every day as this would also appeal to the right side of the brain which utilises images, wheras the left utilises logic and language. The images would also be more likely to trigger an emotional response in the brain which would also increase the brains ability to create new neural pathways the sum effect being to create an even greater drive to achieve your goals.

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