The Kickboxing Workout

by Sean Hayden |   Date Released : 17 Oct 1999
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Sean Hayden

About the author: Sean Hayden

Sean Hayden is the director of Meta Training Systems, a lifestyle management and consultancy company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Sean combines his experience as an international karate and kickboxing champion together with over 17 years in the fitness industry, both in New Zealand and London. As the current Technical Director for the World Kickboxing Association (W.K.A.), Australasia, he regularly consults on martial arts and boxing for the health and fitness industry.

Meta Training Systems has developed a coaching and qualification program for personal trainers that teaches and qualifies them to conduct technically correct, safe and innovative kickboxing training. The course is endorsed by postural analysis expert Bryce Hastings and sanctioned by the W.K.A., giving it recognition in over 80 countries.

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