The Hierarchy of Fat Loss

by Alwyn Cosgrove |   Date Released : 01 Dec 2007
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Alwyn Cosgrove

About the author: Alwyn Cosgrove

Alwyn Cosgrove, CSCS, is the Owner of Results Fitness Training, a complete fitness programming and consulting service based in Santa Clarita, California. A regular contributor to Men’s Health, and, he is also an author of New Rules of Lifting and the upcoming New Rules of Lifting for Women.

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Comments (6)

silver, daniel | 26 May 2011, 23:09 PM

legitimate programs like CRossfit??? I am still waiting to see l the recorded evidence OF BODY TRANSFORMAtions glassman claims to have.

Ellis, John | 07 Apr 2011, 22:51 PM

Am I the only one who thinks that the concept within this article is overtly obvious and oversimplified? I might be naive, but what decent Trainer/Strenght & Conditioning Coach/Fitness Professional DOESN'T know all this by now? Its been quite a while since legitimate commercial fitness means like Crossfit, Velocity, etc, better defined "metabolic" work within the context of systemic barbell exercise. Even making distinctions between aerobic capacity work's inability, vs anaerobic work in driving basal metabolic rate for the sake of fat loss might be a more recent trend in popular media, but it seems like fitness and bioenergetics 101, is it not?

O'Neill, Mike | 24 Mar 2011, 17:39 PM

Great article, I heard you speak about some of this at the 2007 World Golf Fitness Summit by MyTPI, and I think its excellent information that I wish more trainers and coaches were aware of. I hope more trainers and coaches will start utilizing circuit training or metabolic resistance training routines in their workouts.

Pearson, Robin | 18 Mar 2011, 14:05 PM

As always, a brilliant artidcle, if you don't have it, get the book "The new rules of training for men/women" really refreshing honesty and a way of putting complex subjects out there in a really easy to understand way.

I always say, "train like an athlete, look like an athlete. Train like a runner, look like a runner" and no-one wants to look like Paula Radcliffe!

Crosswhite, Benjamin | 20 Jun 2009, 12:56 PM

Great article. Cosgrove hit the nail on the head with every topic. Weight training is going to keep buring calories after the workout and every pound of muscle you add is going to burn 50 Kcal's compared to 5 Kcal's per pound of fat. Even if your cardio workouts are helping you shed some weight, it's going to be a lot easier to put it back on if you stop.

Deer, Felix | 14 May 2009, 05:29 AM

An excellent article and what serious bodybuilders have known for years. If you want to get lean, get muscular and ramp up your metabolism. I went from 23% bodyfat to 10% bodyfat and didn't do one minute of cardio, just serious weight training. Too often I see people avoiding the weights and focusing on running at a moderate intensity or less for hours on end. That just doesn't work very efficiently. Good point about nutrition too.. if that's not correct, whatever else you do is just a side show. Nutrition is key. HIIT is the most effective form of training for fat loss when used alongside weight training. Felix Deer, LemonBody Fitness

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