The (Anti) Sales Pitch

by Jim Labadie |   Date Released : 15 Mar 2004
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Jim Labadie

About the author: Jim Labadie

Jim Labadie has a degree in Fitness Management from the University of Delaware. He is the founder of, a website dedicated to helping fitness professionals gain financial freedom and success.

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wilson, serano | 24 Mar 2015, 17:21 PM

What a great article! It's always a pleasure to hear (read) about obtaining new clients! Also I like the fact it takes pressure off the trainer, we all have (myself) had issues relating to "why a potential client should hire me/you" of course we're confident in our abilities" but as you say, to convey this to a client without coming across as arrogant or ....fill in the blank! Again, ,great article! 😜😜😜 I'm surprised their are no other comments.
In Health,
Serano Wilson

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