Suspension Training

by Fraser Quelch |   Date Released : 04 May 2007
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Fraser Quelch

About the author: Fraser Quelch

Fraser Quelch is the founder of the personal training and coaching business, Storm Training Systems, where he focuses on using a cutting edge approach to guide his clients and athletes to their goals. He has personally competed successfully in distance running and triathlon and is one of Canada’s top endurance coaches. His athletes consistently post personal best results, with many of them qualifying for World Championship events.

As the Director of Programming and Education for Fitness Anywhere Inc., Fraser has brought a whole new category of functional training to the industry. His suspension training techniques are being used by professional sports teams and renowned trainers world wide to produce peak results in their clients and athletes.

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Comments (5)

Goldstein, Robert | 05 Jul 2011, 12:13 PM

Hello, You say these activities are good for the de-conditioned or elderly. But yet exercises you show are for active healthy young adults. And you give no examples of exercises for special populations. The people you show in these photos don't need to hire a trainer.

Also studies have shown that destabilization exercises although good for proprioception and increased muscular demand, muscle tone is often decreased through these exercises. Please read " Is Functional Training Really Functional" ACSM Certified News July through September 2010.

In elderly people stabilized training is a more functional task and tremendous increases have been made in strength. I doubt there are many people over 40 that can afford to lose muscle mass. Also de -satbelized is to be used maximum only 20% of the total weight training program.

Your comments appreciated. Thank You

Davis, Dave | 23 Dec 2010, 02:50 AM

Fitness Anywhare needs to innovate

Victoria, Jones | 15 Oct 2010, 17:01 PM

love it! Great for clients of all abilities and is the lightest bit of equipment I own! Only restriction is the fact that you can only do it infront of a door that opens away from you which not all homes have.

Jacota, Zec | 29 Sep 2010, 17:11 PM

I can honestly say it's hard but a lot of fun!!

Tibbits, James | 16 Sep 2010, 22:50 PM

Excellent....I want some of the gear...NOW!!!!

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