Strong Foundation for Rowing

by Maria Mountain |   Date Released : 07 Mar 2009
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Maria Mountain

About the author: Maria Mountain

Maria Mountain, MSc, CSCS, is the owner of Revolution Sport Conditioning based in Ontario, Canada. During her 10+ years in the industry, Maria has specialized in athlete development and post-rehab athlete conditioning. A former varsity Nordic skier at the University of Western Ontario and competitive rower, she understands the commitment and drive it takes to succeed in sport. Maria is the strength and conditioning coach to athletes of all ages and abilities including those from the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball and the Canadian Football League. Always looking to give back to the strength and conditioning profession, she has served as the co-director for the NSCA in Ontario and has mentored trainers and strength coaches looking to expand their skills and knowledge.

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Comments (1)

Mellor, Michael | 10 Apr 2009, 02:48 AM

I have trained about 30-40 youth rowers, the exercises displayed in this workout are SPOT on, great challanges for the athletes and excelent discriptions!

Thank you
Michael Mellor

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