Strengthening Your Business in a Weak Economy

by Amanda Harris |   Date Released : 10 Jul 2009
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Amanda Harris

About the author: Amanda Harris

Amanda Harris, Med, is a programming and management development specialist with over 15 years of industry experience, including 13 years as a personal trainer. She has presented for IHRSA, Club Industry, Athletic Business and MFA. Currently, she is a faculty member of the Esquerre Fitness Group and is vice president of Fitness and Wellness at ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers, based in Virginia.

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Comments (2)

Giles, J.E. | 08 Sep 2009, 11:08 AM

Awesome, I have always believed that with training you can achieve physical success that lays the foundation to face other challenges. Because fitness is real and measurable we can see in a very tangible way what we have achieved, this makes it much easier to step forward with more confidence against our other perceived challanges. Self confidence is one of the greatest benefits we can give our clients, when all else seems so unsure, by making them feel that they will overcome this time.

Quinones, Sandra | 14 Aug 2009, 17:29 PM

The article helped me to think more positive and to reinforce to clients if you take care of your health it will take a huge financial burden off your purse strings which in turn will give the client more financial freedom.

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