Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

by Gary Lavin |   Date Released : 01 Nov 2007
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Gary Lavin

About the author: Gary Lavin

Gary Lavin received his Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science and Wellness from Florida Atlantic University. His qualifications include NSCA CSCS and CPT, he is a USA Triathlon level II coach, a USA Cycling Level III Coach, a USATF level I Coach and a USAW Club Coach. Currently, Gary is director and CEO of To the MAX Training Systems (TTMTS), a performance enhancement and consulting company dedicated to the fitness enthusiast as well as the endurance athlete. Emphasizing functional strength development and endurance, Gary focuses on balanced athletic skill, function and core stability.

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Comments (3)

Weir, Tracy | 19 Feb 2010, 17:03 PM

As a triathlete and a trainer, I can personally vouch for the improvements that strength training will make in all 3 disciplines.

My swimming and cycling times improved greatly with additional core strength. My balance in the water and endurance on the bike have greatly benefited from additional core and upper body work.

Core, balance training & hip strength to balance your running.. no brainer IMO.

Prudhomme, Leah | 30 Dec 2009, 13:13 PM

I am an Endurance Triathlete training for Ironman and also a LFT Group Fitness Instructor, I agree, strength training and especially core needs to be focused on for Triathletes!

Whiteman, Paula | 22 Oct 2009, 16:13 PM

I agree with you bring them into the gym and do explosive strenght training, glutes, core and legs.

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