Strength Training for Biceps

by Hilton Preen |   Date Released : 02 Jul 2001
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Hilton Preen

About the author: Hilton Preen

Hilton Preen is a noted fitness specialist, author, educator, researcher, bodybuilding champion, award-winning athlete, personal fitness consultant and recognized speaker.
Hilton delivers more than 100 lectures annually on fitness-related topics and is a top lecturer for personal training certifications and gyms. For the past 15 years, he has worked with cosmetic athletes in bodybuilding and fitness competitions and celebrities in sport and entertainment. He has been a featured speaker on radio and television talk shows. An award-winning athlete and bodybuilding champion, Hilton held the title for Mr. South Africa and was the first runner up in the Mr. Los Angeles and Hawaii contests. Hilton is the author of various personal training books and holds a health and fitness diploma in fitness and nutrition from Pennsylvania USA and is certified through NASM. Prior to launching his fitness career in South Africa, Hilton spent 10 years in the USA working in southern California as a fitness consultant to many health clubs and personal training organizations.

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