Stabilization of the Knee

by James Crossley |   Date Released : 15 Sep 2006
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James Crossley

About the author: James Crossley

James Crossley, author of Personal Training; Theory and Practise, is a Master Trainer for Holmes Place Health Clubs in the UK. As a personal trainer and sports therapist, James has over seven years of experience and continues to work with a variety of clients ranging from those looking to treat chronic and acute injury to sports teams and Commonwealth athletes. His particular area of interest is the use of functional exercise in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury.

As well as being a NASM certified personal trainer and Premier trained sports therapist, James’ qualifications include an honours degree from Birmingham University and a Masters in Sports Science from Loughborough University.

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Howard, Lea | 25 Sep 2013, 19:26 PM

Thank you so much! This information was exactly what I was looking for. Well explained.

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