Spot Reduction Revisited

by Charles Poliquin |   Date Released : 12 Dec 2006
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Charles Poliquin

About the author: Charles Poliquin

Charles Poliquin is recognized as one of the world's most successful strength coaches, having coached Olympic medalists in 12 different sports including the US female track and field for the Olympics 2000. He has lectured extensively on practical and theoretical aspects of physical conditioning in eight different countries. Charles has also written over 500 articles for various web sites, magazines and journals and has published the following books: Modern Trends in Strength Training; Winning the Arms Race; The Poliquin Principles; The German Body Composition; and Manly Weight Loss. Charles has a B.Sc. in Kinesiology and an M.Sc. in Exercise Physiology.

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Matthews, Ollie | 14 Dec 2009, 00:17 AM

looking at the 2nd from last paragraph. When dieting for natural bodybuilding shows, doing steady state cardio am and pm on the exercise bike/spin bike

i am having trouble getting the deep cuts into my legs.....would this be the reason why? and what cardio would you recommend for am fasted and pm before bed?

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