Speed of Movement

by Ian King |   Date Released : 01 Apr 2000
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Ian King

About the author: Ian King

Ian King has established himself as world leader in the field of athletic preparation. His achievements have been recognized internationally and rewarded by long-term involvement in the preparation of teams worldwide. Ian has travelled extensively, training and educating athletes and coaches in countries such as the USA, Canada, South America, Mexico, South Africa, England, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. His work in athletic preparation has included a wide variety of sports. He has been responsible for training over 10 different national sporting teams and holds the rare distinction of having worked at national league level in Australia in four sports - rugby union (10 years), basketball (6 years), and Australian Rules Football (3 years), and rugby league (1 year) - three of them concurrently. A highlight of this work was the back-to-back Super 10 Victories (1994/95) by the Queensland Rugby Union team in the Southern Hemisphere rugby union competition.

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