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Shuttle Run Test

by Steve Rhyan |   Date Released : 13 Sep 2001
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Steve Rhyan

About the author: Steve Rhyan

Steve is a member of: National Strength and Conditioning Association American College of Sports Medicine American Society of Exercise Physiologists. <br><br>

Steve has been an athlete, coach, teacher and trainer for over 20 years. Steve received his Undergraduate degree in Physical Education/ Biology and Graduate degree in Physiology of Exercise from San Diego State University, San Diego, CA. He has taught from middle school to college and coached high school, college and professional athletes. <br><br>

As an athlete, Steve was a professional moto-cross racer for 10 years. He was California State Champion several times, ranked in the top 10 Nationally and in the top 20 Internationally. Steve has also participated in the Decathlon, numerous Triathlons, several Fitness Challenges and won the Police Heptathlon in San Diego, CA. To better understand "Body-Power," Steve studied Kajukenbo(Hawiian Karate) for several years and received a Black Belt. He is pursuing an education in Kodokan Judo to further understand anaerobic conditioning and the application of strength, power and agility. As a coach he specializes in Moto-Cross Racing, Track & Field, Mountain Bike Racing and Surfing. <br><br>

Steve is presently a part time lecturer in Exercise Science at Santa Ana College for the Police and Fire Services and is Director of Strength and Conditioning at Specialized Personal Training(SPT) in Mission Viejo, California. At SPT, he specializes in Sports Medicine and Fitness Training for all ages, but especially people over 40 years of age. One of Steve's clients won the female division of the Navy Seal Fitness Challenge, she is 50 years old! Steve has several articles on training for a Fitness Challenge published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning. When he is not writing, studying, teaching or training you can find him, with his family, on the beach surfing. Aloha. <br><br>

"I learn by going where I have to go." Theodore Roethke

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