Rowing Strength

by Robert Rettmann |   Date Released : 05 Jun 2002
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Robert Rettmann

About the author: Robert Rettmann

Robert Rettmann has had the pleasure of working in the fitness industry since 1996. His incredible experiences include working with the Apex Fitness Group and the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Presenter and Educator throughout the United States. Since 2005, Rob has been working with The Rush Fitness Complex as the Vice President of Education, helping to develop and implement Training Programs for the company’s personal training and sales departments in 23 locations. Throughout this time, Rob has also had experience at the club level from being a Personal Trainer and Fitness Manager (training and developing a staff, achieving revenue goals, etc.), which has been invaluable to share with new and veteran trainers, sales counselors and managers. Rob has his MS from California University of Pennsylvania.

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