Rheumatoid Arthritis

by Noah Hittner |   Date Released : 02 Jul 2004
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Noah Hittner

About the author: Noah Hittner

In his time in the health and fitness industry, Noah Hittner worked with a wide range of clientele—from the high school athlete to the senior citizen. This experience, in great part, still inspires his work today. Now, years past his days as a fitness professional, Noah has turned his focus to writing and music. His books and songs explore the process of human consciousness and the quest for personal freedom. Noah now approaches his work, as well as his life, with self-honesty as his first intention and his top priority. It is with this intention in mind that he aims to connect with the lives of as many people as possible in an inspiring and empowering way.

Noah's books include The Modern-Day Buddha, Beyond Victim and Villain, and Something to Give Back.

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Potgieter, Harmen | 25 Nov 2009, 05:46 AM

Briliant! I wish Dr's could read this article. I agree completely to this and it feels like you took the words right out of my mouth. I might not be someone of significance, but according to the research I've done concerning autoimmune diseases, there is no better treatment for any of those diseases then to go to the cause, which starts in the gut usually due to intestinal dysbiosys. Candida Albicans is another major factor when it comes to LGS. So if you can bring back a intestinal symbiosys through the intake of a GOOD pro-biotic and a healthy diet, you will sort out the cause and therefor indirectly prevent autoimmune reactions in your body.

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