Resisting Insulin Resistance

by Dr. Bill Sukala (PhD) |   Date Released : 05 Aug 2009
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Dr. Bill Sukala (PhD)

About the author: Dr. Bill Sukala (PhD)

Dr. Bill Sukala is a Sydney-based exercise physiologist, industry consultant, and health writer for Weight Watchers, Diabetic Living, and other top-tier health magazines and websites. He holds a PhD in Exercise and Sport Science with a research focus on type 2 diabetes and obesity, a masters degree in Exercise Physiology, and a bachelors degree in Nutrition. Frequently quoted as a health expert in the international media, Dr. Sukala has delivered numerous keynotes presentations, workshops, and seminars across five continents.  Visit his website:

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Schwomeyer, Jennifer | 09 Jul 2013, 02:32 AM

very informative article, I will def use these suggestions in my clinical practice!

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