Programming for Special Populations - Case Study

by Mark Hines |   Date Released : 15 Dec 2005
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Mark Hines

About the author: Mark Hines

Mark Hines is an Exercise and Human Physiologist, based in London, England. He is currently working towards his MPhil and PhD in Biomedical Science and Biomechanics, respectively. Mark lectures on biology, cardiology, gut health and function and exercise physiology. He also writes and delivers courses and other educational material on nutrition, movement specificity and exercise programming. Mark is an endurance runner and competes in various ultra-marathon adventure races.

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Comments (2)

Chalikias, Olga | 04 Sep 2010, 16:34 PM

I really enjoyed this article. My first profession was nursing. During those 13 years of working I felt that the medical field was only looking at symptoms and giving a prescription, it was so frustrating. I left nursing and became a Personal Trainer specializing in post rehab and training clients with Chronic Ilnesses. I have noticed over the years that exercises do offer a great deal for our clients and in some cases improve their quality of life. I love to see my clients improving and slowly removing prescriptions out of their life, that is so gratifying. I do beleive that we need to bridge the health world and the exercise world, we are the missing key.

Ferraz, Eduarda | 18 Jan 2010, 11:21 AM

Thank you for this words.
I have a 78 years client, with parkinsons.
She loves dance, and I do the warm up with dance steps.
Befor her doctor tell her about parkinsons, I noted long time ago, and I spock to her sister, but she said I wos rong.
Sorry, my writing.
Eduarda Costa ferraz

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