Programming for Skiing

by Tom Huelin |   Date Released : 01 Nov 2007
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Tom Huelin

About the author: Tom Huelin

Tom Huelin, BSc, is a sports scientist and personal trainer specializing in sport specific training. Tom graduated from the University of Southampton with a Sports Science Bachelor’s degree. He has worked as freelance personal trainer and founded Tom Huelin Training in 2005, offering personal training and health and fitness advice to clients of all ages and backgrounds. His training paradigm is based on a basic functional program design using his experience of working within a variety of different sports to challenge his clients to achieve their full athletic potentials. Tom is currently the Sports Scientist at The Oratory Real Tennis Club and sports coach at The Oratory School in Reading, England. He works with both amateurs and professionals including current top 10 players. He has also worked with cricketers, golfers and skiers and is a fitness coach for several sports teams.

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