Program for Weight Gain

by John Paul Catanzaro |   Date Released : 09 Jan 2007
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John Paul Catanzaro

About the author: John Paul Catanzaro

John Paul Catanzaro is a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist with a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Health Science. He owns and operates a private facility in Richmond Hill, Ontario providing training and nutritional consulting services. John Paul has authored two books, The Elite Trainer (2011) and Mass Explosion (2013), and has released two DVDs, Stretching for Strengthening (2003) and Warm-Up to Strength Training (2005), which have sold copies worldwide, been featured in several magazines, and have been endorsed by many leading experts. In 2013, John Paul released two new webinars, Strength Training Parameters and Program Design and Body Composition Strategies, providing the latest cutting-edge information to fitness professionals. For more information, visit his website at or call 905-780-9908.

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Comments (7)

Catanzaro, John Paul | 15 Dec 2010, 18:41 PM

Rachael, rest between each set for the time indicated. The tempo (or speed of execution) is listed in seconds as follows: eccentric - isometric - concentric - isometric. Therefore, 2010 means to lower the weight for 2 seconds, no pause at the bottom, raise the weight for 1 second, and no pause at the top. When an "X" is designated, it means to raise the weight eXplosively.

Baddeley, Rachael | 15 Dec 2010, 16:40 PM

Do you do the 6 sets, then rest or rest between each set?
Alos, what does 2010, 4010 mean??

Pai, Curtis | 22 Mar 2010, 12:44 PM

so i think what he means is .. all together u hav 6 sets being ..
1st set:- 7 reps
2nd set:- 5 reps
3rd set:- 3 reps
4th set:- 7 reps and so on and so forth .. am i correct ?? just a bit confusing i guess ..

Marcum, Danielle | 07 Jan 2010, 13:17 PM

I really don't understand a lot of this... numbers?

Catanzaro, John Paul | 14 Oct 2009, 15:09 PM

Chris, 4 weeks per phase.

Abdul, 6 sets of 7 reps (set #1), 5 reps (set #2), 3 reps (set #3), 7 reps (set #4), 5 reps (set #5), and 3 reps (set #6) for a total of 30 reps.

Dill, Chris | 14 Oct 2009, 08:42 AM

How many weeks per phase?

KAJH, ABDUL MALIK | 14 Aug 2009, 23:19 PM

6 x 7,5,3,7,5,3... you mean total repxset is (42+30+18)x2= 180 reps?

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