Power Breathing: The Karate Secret of Superstrength

by Pavel Tsatsouline |   Date Released : 15 Aug 2002
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Pavel Tsatsouline

About the author: Pavel Tsatsouline

Pavel is a former Soviet Special Forces instructor, a subject matter expert for US federal agencies and the author of Power to the People!, The Naked Warrior, Beyond Bodybuilding and Enter the Kettlebell! He started the Russian kettlebell revolution in the US in 1998 and runs the RKC kettlebell instructor course that has become the golden standard in kettlebell training.

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Comments (2)

Corcino, Roger | 27 Aug 2014, 13:23 PM

Doesn't activating the "vacuum" help stabilize the spine and increase IAP. I find a lot of contradicting elements here.

Robertson, David | 27 Apr 2009, 23:32 PM

That gives you a hint why heavy weight boxers have yet to break the punching power record registered on a dynamometer by a 130 pound Japanese karate master.

- I am not sure about the validity of this statement.

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