Pillars of Hockey Conditioning

by Peter Twist |   Date Released : 31 Mar 2007
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Peter Twist

About the author: Peter Twist

Peter Twist is President and CEO of Twist Conditioning Inc, which offers sport conditioning home-based and live certifications, a line of 300+ sport fitness products and franchised sport conditioning facilities. From coaching in the NHL for 11 years and operating private athlete camps, Twist has coached over 700 pro athletes including hockey MVP Mark Messier, basketball MVP Hakeem Olajuwon and baseball MVP Justin Morneau. Twist has authored seven books, 16 DVDs and over 400 articles on athlete development and functional fitness, was awarded the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s President’s Award and CanFitPro’s Specialty Presenter of the Year for his sport conditioning system and education delivery. He serves on CanFitPro’s Advisory Board and is a Contributing Editor for IDEA.

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