Pilates Programs for Profit

by Shirley Archer |   Date Released : 13 May 2004
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Shirley Archer

About the author: Shirley Archer

Shirley Archer has over 15 years experience in health and fitness education. She is an international presenter and an award-winning health and fitness author with over 50 publications in IDEA, The Health & Fitness Source publications, American Fitness, Australian Fitness Network Magazine and Strive magazine, among others. She's a health educator and wellness professional at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She has written The EVERYTHING Weight Training Book. As a dedicated Pilates practitioner, she was the first fitness professional to introduce Pilates training to Taiwan. Shirley holds numerous certifications including ACE, AFAA, ACSM, YMCA of the USA and Strong, Stretched & Centered Mind-Body Institute and is a certified massage therapist.

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