Personal Training: An Identity for the Future - Part 2

by Jean Sadouni |   Date Released : 01 Nov 2008
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Jean Sadouni

About the author: Jean Sadouni

Jean Sadouni practiced judo at a professional level for 10 years, and at the peak of his career, he was pre-selected for the Belgian Olympic Team. His passion for fitness and health was born during a stay in the United States. From 1991 to 1993, he gave seminars and training sessions on the optimization of the relationship between food and training for Gold’s Gym in Belgium. Jean has been a personal trainer in Belgium since 1990. He has also worked in California, New York and Paris. In 1997, he created his company, Fit & Well Concept, specialized in coaching people to integrate physical activity and improving their lifestyle. He specialized in human nutrition and nutritherapy at the CERDEN in Brussels in June 2007. Following numerous articles in the press and media on his work, in 2003, he became a consultant in the creation and development of personal training programs for Fitness First Belgium.

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