Periodization of Strength Part 1: Anatomical Adaptation

by Tudor Bompa |   Date Released : 01 Mar 2000
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Tudor Bompa

About the author: Tudor Bompa

Dr. Tudor O. Bompa, Professor Emeritus, York University, Toronto, Ontario, is regarded worldwide as the leading specialist in the areas of training, coaching and fitness theory, to which he has contributed several new concepts. Dr. Bompa’s theories, especially the theories of planning-periodization; periodization of strength, power, speed and endurance; periodization of fitness, bodybuilding, psychological periodization and periodization of nutrition, have revolutionized training in most countries of the world. Dr. Bompa has published 14 books (all best sellers), which have been translated into 18 languages. Most of these books are used as textbooks in universities, coaching institutions, certification programs and continuing education courses in more than 150 countries. He has also published over a hundred research papers while at the same time making presentations in over 35 countries on topics such as training theory, planning-periodization, training methods, strength and power training, specifics of training for team sports and more.

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