Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

by Pam Rigden |   Date Released : 17 Jan 2006
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Pam Rigden

About the author: Pam Rigden

Having witnessed the benefits of integrating NLP into her own work with clients, former personal trainer Pam Rigden developed an NLP Training course specifically for other fitness professionals so that ultimately, more clients could enjoy the same benefits. Three years on, NLP for Fitness Professionals, the first course of its type in the world, is now considered an essential qualification by leading fitness professionals. The training is endorsed by Skills Active, the government agency charged with accrediting courses, and Fitness Unlimited has established itself as the NLP training provider to the industry. <br><br>

Known for her innovative and unique approach, Pam is a much sought after speaker; she presents both nationally (Fitpro, Multitrax) and internationally (IDEA, Fitness Network Australia and Can Fit Pro) for the world’s leading fitness organizations. She is generally regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on mind-body coaching. As such, Pam’s work with clients now takes place almost exclusively at her Greek Island base, Iraklia, where she runs Personal Development and Self Care Workshops, as well as offering One to One Coaching through her other business, Wellbeing Holidays. <br><br>

Pam holds the prerequisite NLP qualifications (Trainer, Master Practitioner and Coach) in addition to BSc (Hons) (Sports Sciences) and MA (Sociological Studies), the focus of which was women’s mental health issues. She worked in a variety of roles within the mental health sector before returning to work in the fitness industry in 1997 where she gained extensive experience working on GP Referral schemes. Pam is currently writing Being Slim: The Last Weight Loss Guide You’ll Ever Buy. <br><br>

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Comments (2)

Williams, Rhys | 27 Sep 2011, 08:58 AM

This is my first comment on PT on the net. I felt after reading the previous comment I couldn't really keep my thoughts to myself. I personally believe that the majority of my clients who are stuck in an "away from" state of mind rather than a "towards" state achieve far smaller if any results. People that keep concentrating on "how fat they are", "how weak they are are" are far less likely to hit their goals then people who have clear cut goals and good vision. If your vision is strong enough and you want something enough I believe you can hit your goals. 95% of people in the gym have a vision but that vision can quickly fade, if you can challenge people's beliefs and keep them motivated through NLP, the Bridge Model, etc. they are far more likely to get results. A good PT is closer to a psychologist then a fitness instructor.

Magedera, Carl | 20 Mar 2010, 22:24 PM

I have tried using techniques like this, bridge model style, and sometimes think it is too, probing, and really what are we going to do with the cans of worms this can open up? NLP almost promises a quick fix, case study the women with childhood trauma, turned her thinking around after a two day session, seems implausible and a joke. I think that NLP is too prescriptive and black and white, and less understanding and therapeutic, and I will steer well clear of it.

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