Neuro-Linguistic Programming

by Jeffrey Hodges |   Date Released : 20 Dec 2000
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Jeffrey Hodges

About the author: Jeffrey Hodges

Jeffrey is a performance consultant to elite athletes, sporting teams and corporate clients. He is author of Sportsmind and Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings books; creator of the Sportsmind performance enhancement workshops and audio tapes and Director of the Sportsmind Institute for Human Performance Research.

He is a NLP Master Practitioner and Associate Trainer and his landmark M.Sc.(Hons) thesis involving 893 athletes from 32 different sports established the effectiveness of NLP techniques for mental skills training in sport.

His Sportsmind programs have been endorsed by the NSW Dept Sport and Recreation and recommended by top sportsclubs and successful athletes. He has 20 years of experience in personal development training, having worked with elite athletes, the unemployed, school students and corporate clients.

Jeffrey has been a regular presenter in recent years at both the Filex and Network conventions and writes regularly for Ultrafit and Sports Coach magazines. He has competed in many sports, is a Level 2 coach accredited with the Australian Coaching Council and trains in Aikido, in which he holds a grade of Shodan (black belt).

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Taylor, Mike | 12 Nov 2009, 06:20 AM

Our big key development area for next 10 years will be how we get the client to get results from within, great!

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