Muscle Classification System

by Rodney Corn |   Date Released : 19 Jun 2001
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Rodney Corn

About the author: Rodney Corn

Rodney Corn is a co-founder of PTA Global with over 20 years in the fitness industry. As a collegiate athlete, bodybuilder, published author and contributor to numerous industry publications, Rodney has traveled the globe sharing his extensive scientific and practical experience in wellness, sports performance and corrective exercise. He is an adjunct faculty member at the University of San Francisco and California University of Pennsylvania. Rodney holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and masters degree in biomechanics. He is also a Fellow of Applied Functional Science with the Gray Institute.

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Arnold, Terri | 27 Aug 2010, 17:50 PM

I think Rodney hit it right on the head in regards to this series of continuing ed. "Many classifications exist, and all can be rationalized to make sense in certain populations. The key is to develop them so they make sense in any population. The human body is very interdependent and complex. No categorization that attempts to generalize the systems of the body will be able to precisely simplify this complexity.or ease of explanation, education and communication, we must strive to create accurate simplicity of the human body." To those @ PT on the Net follow Rodney's advice.

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