Movement Based Exercises

by Premier Training Int'l |   Date Released : 15 Dec 2004
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Premier Training Int'l

About the author: Premier Training Int'l

Premier Training International is the leading fitness educator in the United Kingdom. Known as “the personal training company” they have taught over 10000 personal trainers in their 14 year history. Premier’s philosophy is to give its students the highest quality and most usable skills to succeed in the fitness industry. Premier has invested in research and development. It has 6 employees devoted to developing quality education products and 52 educators with wide ranging skill sets from personal training to sport science to physical therapy.

Resisted Movement Training is one of many educational products developed by Premier Training International and is an exciting industry related CD-ROM package that focuses on keeping trainers at the cutting edge of personal training theory and practice. The quality and depth of this education resource has probably no equal in the world.

The RMT package provides some 12 hours of CD-ROM-based education. It embodies a desire to increase the relevance of resistance training towards optimizing human function and performance. The RMT introduces the Premier Web program design system. This unique system provides a periodized approach to movement-based resistance training. Using the medium of the Web system, the RMT will enable trainers to correct identified muscle imbalances and movement dysfunctions. The Webs then provide progressions toward the performance of advanced resistance-based exercises in multiple planes of movement.

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Strachan, Gary | 11 Feb 2013, 03:46 AM

I really like this thought process. It is a hybrid between full functional training, and still has enough of training to get the 'fitness' benefits of traditional exercise.

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