Mind Over Gravity

by Barry Brown |   Date Released : 16 Jan 2001
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Barry Brown

About the author: Barry Brown

Dr. Barry S. Brown, FACSM, is a University Professor at the University of Arkansas and draws upon over 32 years experience as a teacher, professor, researcher, writer, speaker and inventor. He was an invited speaker in the former Soviet Union on two occasions, three times in Korea and twice in Italy. Dr. Brown was one of the featured presenters at the 1988 Olympic Scientific meeting in Korea, 1992 Olympic Scientific symposium in Chamonix, France, the 1996 and 2000 pre-Olympic Sports Science Symposium in Atlanta and Sydney, Australia. He is a regular contributor at regional and national ACSM meetings. Dr. Brown has authored over 70 refereed articles, several chapters in books and two manuals. As an inventor, he had a hand in development of the Skyndex electronic skinfold caliper, HPR-100 (measurement of total body strength), Exploder System (enhancement of explosive power), Integrator (heart rate controlled bicycle ergometer) and most recently, ABMED, (quantification of true abdominal strength).

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