Metabolic Resistance Training vs. High Intensity Anaerobic Training

by Jeff Thaxton |   Date Released : 29 Jan 2008
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Jeff Thaxton

About the author: Jeff Thaxton

Jeff Thaxton is a Certified Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise. He earned a BS degree in Exercise Science at Eastern Washington University in 2001 and has continuing education certifications in human movement, advanced program design, nutrition for special populations, counseling for health and fitness professionals, overcoming fitness plateaus and others. He is the owner of an in home personal training business called Fit for Life, and he has volunteer experience in physical therapy clinics and cardiopulmonary units.

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Comments (3)

de Meyer, Nick | 23 Mar 2010, 08:45 AM

a 400m race effort for me is 90% anaerobic, the actual point where our bodies start producing lactate is different for everyone, dependent on the amount of training you've ben doing, your fuel mixture ie whether you can burn carbs or fat at a high level, your fat burning efficiency across these zones.

Ling, Jonathan | 09 May 2009, 07:54 AM

Aerobic vs Anaerobic is usually based off maximum effort and how long it is sustained, not necessarily heart rate. A 400m race is done after a minute +/- a few seconds, placing it within the aerobic zone.

Heart rate is a better indicator of effort and exercise intensity. One can bounce between 160 and 175 for prolonged periods of work, making the work very intense, but aerobic.

Luffman, Peter | 16 Apr 2009, 12:08 PM

Regarding aerobic intensity, I was under the impression that a BPM of 160 is where the switch from aerobic to anaerobic occurs? Running a 400 meter race would surely raise the BPM above 160 making it an anaerobic event, not aerobic?

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